DVD Duplication

Make copies of your home movies, or professional videos! Archive your memories so you they never get lost!

Video Transfer Services

Don’t let those old tapes go bad. Convert your VHS, 8mm as well as your 35mm slides or photos, so they can’t go bad.

Digital File Conversion

Preserve your DVD’s, 35mm slides, or printed photos by converting them to Digital files you can store on a Hard Drive!

Photo Slide Shows

Create a lifetime memory! Use your pictures and videos to tell your story! Perfect for weddings, birthdays and graduations.

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Video Transfer Services and DVD Duplication - Orlando, FL

Media Tech Plus provides DVD Duplication and Video Transfer Services for businesses and families in the Orlando, Florida area. Our goal is to preserve your photo, video, or digital media, so you have it available for years to come. If you are creating and distributing company training, advertising your business or storing operating materials, we will provide you with a reliable service, so you don’t have to worry about your valuable material being lost

For special events like weddings, graduations or anniversaries, let us create a DVD Sideshow where we convert your photos to DVD. We can transfer old VHS to DVD and convert video tapes to digital format to create a high impact presentation for your loved ones. Our DVD Duplication service will make as many or as few copies of the DVD Slide Show for your guests and family to take home with them so they can watch it whenever they want to.

Here are just a few of our Video Services

  • CD and DVD Duplication – No quantity is too small
  • CD and DVD Replication – No quantity is too large
  • VHS to DVD Conversion
  • Video Transfer from any format
  • Convert Video to DVD
  • Convert Photos, Slides and Home Movie DVD’s to Digita
  • Video Editing of your old video
  • Convert your videos to web-friendly formats

Convert your corporate videos or home movies, and put them on DVD!

Video is still the single most effective way to create memorable content. Corporations are using video more than ever to deliver their message. Watching videos on the web is easier than ever, but there are times where you need to put a physical disc in the hands of your potential customer. With full color print on top of the disc, DVD’s make a very effective marketing giveaway.

For those who are converting home videos, why not make a few extra copies for your family! Mom’s, Dad’s, Brothers and Sisters all share the same memories. Make sure they can share them with their kids by having their own DVD copy!

Make sure your memories and legacy are never lost

It is a fact that VHS and 8mm tapes will deteriorate over time. Make sure your memories are preserved forever by converting them to DVD’s. Want to create a Photo Slide Show as a gift for a family member? Convert your old tapes first, then bring them home to see what parts you want to string together into a family history.

Sport Games

Your First Car

Your Wedding Day

That Fun Vacation


Just like tapes, 35 mm slides, and printed photos will age, and can be ruined. Why not convert all your physical media to digital files. Photos, DVD’s, and slides can all be digitized, and stored on a hard drive. That way, you can back them up and ensure they are protected for eternity.

Create a lifetime memory!

Photo slideshows go beyond mere memory-keeping to help you tell life’s stories and celebrate the people, events and memories you cherish. Engaging animation adds depth and dimension, conveying emotion and context and building up to reveal of your special photos. You can make a slideshow with music by adding songs from your own music library or ours, for a soundtrack that captures the spirit of your moments. Our team of animators, designers and writers is dedicated to crafting picture slideshow designs that captivate your audience and create the impact you want to achieve.